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  1. tommy777
    tommy777 at |

    If I had time, I’d totally do it

  2. Kevincm @ GhettoIFE.com
    Kevincm @ GhettoIFE.com at |

    Well if you’re staying for more than 10 minutes Seth, I’m up the road from BHX 🙂

  3. B757capt
    B757capt at |

    Do it!!!! Come on!

  4. Schrott
    Schrott at |

    How much is it in Business Class?

  5. SC
    SC at |

    “Just do it” Seriously, do it!!!

  6. thezipper
    thezipper at |

    “DO” IT!… You know what I mean…
    When NWA retired their DC-10’s we had a fun flight until the FA’s got ticked off and had the pilot turn on the seatbelt sign for the last several hours of the flight.


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