Booking the final DC-10 flight with Biman Bangladesh Airlines

After much back and forth and more than a couple false starts it seems that the final DC-10 flights are for sale. For real this time. The flight, operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines, will be from Dhaka to Birmingham with a tech stop in Kuwait. Once the plane gets to Birmingham there will be three days of local scenic flights before the aircraft is finally retired to a museum.

Seats are still available. The final “real” flight is pricing at ~$1000 for a window seat or $850 for “any other” seat on board. For the final tour loops in Birmingham the flights are pricing at 200 GBP for the window or 150 GBP for an aisle. Earlier flights on that day are 150/100.

final dc-10 flight routing
Final commercial DC-10 flight routing

Back when I thought I could get the final scheduled flight for $200 it seemed like a no-brainer to go do the trip. Now, at $1000, it is a bit harder for me to justify. Do I dare??

My reservation for the final DC-10 flight.
My reservation for the final DC-10 flight. Do I go through with it??

I do have positioning flights to Dhaka already booked, just in case. And getting home from BHX is relatively trivial.

Decisions, decisions….

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