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  1. Food Wine and Miles
    Food Wine and Miles at |

    Seems like a no-brainer, and makes the notion of a coach seat from JFK-HNL much more palatable to us long-legged folks

  2. Lark
    Lark at |

    Which slimline seats are these?

    From the Fodor’s article:

    “The airline accomplished the reconfiguration by adjusting the closets and bulkhead dividers on the plane rather than shifting the other seats around. This allowed them to keep the same total number of seats on each plane, increase the comfort for some passengers, increase their ancillary revenue and offer a better product overall.”

  3. Josh
    Josh at |

    Wow. That makes Hawaiian genuinely competitive to Australia. $200 for that amount of pitch is much better value than an extra $2,000 for PE on QF or NZ. And far better service than UA.

  4. Copa
    Copa at |

    Nowhere does it say if they are walk-ups only or available in GDS.

  5. Rick
    Rick at |

    Booked an Extra Comfort seat SYD-HNL for travel in October and was surprised it was only $100 more. When announced last year Hawaiian’s website listed “premium meals” on international flights in Extra Comfort, anyone know why that changed?