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  1. joshl
    joshl at |

    Would adding intra-Europe segments to my international round trip award trigger a re-price?

  2. Keith
    Keith at |

    If i booked an lh j flight but have an f award redemption, can I later change the j segment to f when availability pops up?

  3. Adam
    Adam at |

    Seth, UA does not manually price awards, like US for example. Under the new chart, does that stay the same or are agents pricing these things by hand?

  4. llfromto
    llfromto at |

    What if I have an F award issued prior to Feb 3 and only a J seat available on LH.
    Does that mean that I will trigger a re-price if F is available 14 days before departure as it is a change in cabin or does that change of cabin means that I move from J to F on the entire award?

  5. Cruisr
    Cruisr at |

    I just tried to do a test online to see if I could change the date and I got the error message. Guess I need to call and start the HUCA routine. I wonder when the first “test flight” will be? I’m sure some have flights coming up this week. UA is very frustrating.

  6. Joel
    Joel at |

    Interestingly I was running some SIN-NRT tests yesterday. If booking TG J it priced out as 40k one way, but if it happened to go TG J to BKK and TG Y from BKK-NRT, the price dropped down to 35k.

  7. Denise
    Denise at |

    I made a minor change to an Award Ticket today–I was booked DEN-ORD (UA) ORD-FRA (LH) FRA-EDI (LH) (EDI=destination) EDI-FRA (LH) FRA-ZRH (LX) ZRH-YUL (LX) YUL-DEN (AC).
    Originally, the ZRH was 15 hour layover. We decided to make it a stopover, so I called today and moved the EDI-FRA-ZRH flights back a day. As advertised, it was no problem at all. All legs are in business (and have been) except the DEN-ORD. Today, the agent even put the DEN-ORG segment on a First class waitlist. I didn’t even know they still did waitlists… No one else has offered to do so.

  8. Denise
    Denise at |

    *ORD Also, thanks, Seth, for your “First Class” reminders. A couple of those intra-Europe legs were booked in Economy, and about 4 days ago, I got an alert that mileage space had opened up in business.

  9. Scott Grimmer (MileValue)
    Scott Grimmer (MileValue) at |

    Where are these quotes from? Link?

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  11. Tom
    Tom at |

    Thank you for this info, Seth! It eases my mind, because we are currently holding MCO-PHL-YYZ-CDG, and I would love to be able to eliminate Philadelphia, if and when a MCO-YYZ segment becomes available.

    One more question: Have the stopover/open jaw rules on international RT awards changed, or will we still get one of each?

    With thanks,

  12. CDKing
    CDKing at |

    I’ll have to see what happens if i change CA F PEK-LAX to CA F PEK-IAH UA F IAH-BOS

  13. adz
    adz at |

    from what i see -changing carriers means more miles even if airport the same?

  14. adz
    adz at |

    i see-but doesnt it say carrier and cabin cant change below that

  15. adz
    adz at |

    does this mean if you want to change destination in same region and carrier you have to phone in one change then phone in another-you cant do both at same time?

  16. Scott
    Scott at |

    I booked EWR-FRA-SSG; DLA-LBV-IST-EWR in business class, before the devaluation, but there was no business availability on FRA-SSG, so I’m in economy on that leg.

    I was assured that I would be able to change into a business class seat without repricing. The new rules aren’t clear about whether this change will trigger a reprice. Thoughts?

  17. norm
    norm at |

    I was able to change from SJC-DEL on ANA to SEA-DEL via SFO on UA/ANA on a different day. It also looked like I could change to any other carrier (LH, OZ) without a fare change. Just the change fee. I did it all online too