Photos, video and more from the final commercial DC-10 flight

No in-flight entertainment on board, but the seats still had the old connections
No in-flight entertainment on board, but the seats still had the old connections

Was it worth going to Bangladesh to be on the final commercial flight of the DC-10? ABSOLUTELY!

I had a spectacular time, both in Dhaka and on the flight. I wrote up the story for Huffington Post, plus I’ve got a photo gallery (some here, many more on Facebook and Google+) and the video above. It is a multimedia extravaganza.

On the flight deck during the flight as we climbed to 36,000 feetJust a small subset of the many buttons and switches the Flight Engineer monitored during the tripSun setting on England this great night, and on the DC-10 foreverWe made it to Birmingham, just in time for some great portraits of the plane to celebrate the end of the voyageLavatory amenities, more or less as they were the day the plane was delivered a quarter century agoBiman doesn't typically serve alcohol on board but the duty free cart held a few surprises for usPre-flight photos; we probably should not have been walking around on the apron there, but they let usBoarding in Dhaka; just 13 hours to go en route to BirminghamSure, there's an iPhone right here, but the flight load calculations are done on a small Casio, just like they have been for decades.Bright colored floral prints, crammed in to the DC-10 cabin.No in-flight entertainment on board, but the seats still had the old connections

Here’s another video put together by the spectacular crew at They had cameras mounted in the cockpit which definitely helped. Plus their production quality is a ton better than mine.

I was also interviewed in this video and quoted in this story based on an interview done prior to the flight.

Oh, and I’ve got another Biman DC-10 model to give away. Anyone want it??

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  1. I love that you flew around the world in Y for this, and I’ll take the model off your hands.

  2. I heard a BBC podcast were the woman mentioned that someone came from America – maybe – NY just to be on the last flight – when I heard that – I was thinkng maybe she was talking about you?

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