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  1. glen
    glen at |

    I’ve only flown them once and it kinda sucked. Never again, though.

  2. kijo
    kijo at |

    Being based in Denver, and the fact that they offer many direct flights to where I go, I have come to use Frontier quite frequently. I usually book the Classic fare which for $40-50 more allows for one checked bag and seating in the Stretch area (first 4 rows). With the elimination of Classic, the Classic Plus category is running at least $100 above the basic fare. So now, I will have to pay at least double to get the same. Also, for the upcoming couple flights that I booked a couple of days ago, the flights are now quoting out (with Classic Plus) significantly more than what I paid. I’m not sure where this fare discount is occurring, certainly not on the flights I am taking. My rt flight to RSW is quoting out at about $700 vs. the $420 (incl Stretch & 1 bag). I never minded paying a little extra with Frontier because they offer direct flights to many places that we go and we could get Stretch seating, but I guess that I am going to have to get used to connecting and no extra leg room! Obviously, Change is NOT good for me!

  3. Hobo13
    Hobo13 at |

    Just flew F9 for the first time in about 7 years. It was dirt cheap. I survived for an hour. But that’s about it.

  4. Chuck
    Chuck at |

    I agree, when I discovered Frontier’s Classic fare (at least in its most recent iteration), it quickly became my fare of choice, especially to/from markets where I couldn’t get a nonstopper anyway. The ~$50-$80 each way upgrade scored you a better-legroom seat, checked bag, a carry on, a cocktail, plus priority check-in, security and boarding. This is a far better combination of benefits than any other airline I know of offers for in-advance booking of an even modestly-upgraded seat (DL gets you just boarding and legroom; United, legroom only, etc.). Which is, no doubt, why it has gone away. Too bad, because it really had captured my loyalty for some of my regular trips.

    One thing I would point out is that, while I was doing test bookings, I’m seeing flights in mid-August that still have the Classic Plus upgrade at $80 on each way (two segments, SFO-DEN-IND and back). So maybe if you can book well in advance, that’s a way to take advantage of the new fare structures or use up some of your remaining Frontier miles. On the other hand, depending on how this goes for Frontier, it could also be a way to get yourself a refund and the opportunity to book a last minute trip on another airline after they’ve cut your route.

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