Join me at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014

Want to know what you can expect to find on board airplanes in the coming years? Head to Aircraft Interiors Expo, the world’s largest trade show for aircraft interiors, where vendors and airlines meet to shop, show off new toys and otherwise explore the next generation of seats, galleys, in-flight entertainment systems, in-flight connectivity and more. It is three days of AvGeek awesomeness and I cannot wait to be there. This year’s event is next week and I’ll be on-site, working as part of the Runway Girl Network team covering a few events and even helping host one of the parties along with Gogo (only 6 tickets left!!).


The in-flight wifi providers are all promising big news on the first day of the conference so I expect that there will be plenty of interesting bits to share. We’ll also get to look at some of the option Airbus will be offering for their A350 cabin fittings and many other things as well.

Will you be in Hamburg for the event this year? If so, let me know. I’d love to meet up with anyone else who is going to be there.

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