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  1. Tyler
    Tyler at |

    I agree, I couldn’t care less. If they are ever available for miles it will be some ridiculous amount. I’d rather buy multiple economy/biz tickets for that and visit more places.

  2. Chase
    Chase at |

    I think the key point (and smart move on EY’s part here) is that EY is the ONLY carrier that come up with an innovative, potentially REVENUE-GENERATING purpose for that ‘dead space’ at the front of the upper deck on the A380. On other carriers it simply goes to waste (in my opinion, of course). The lounges most A380 operators have put there don’t get much foot-traffic from what I’ve seen on my trips. LH’s use of that area for restrooms was up until now an okay use of the space, but very poorly designed being that F-class is on the upper deck (German efficiency yes, private and F-like, no).

  3. Joey
    Joey at |

    I think it is overrated as well. To me, it seemed like EY combined the best parts of the Emirates and Singapore A380 to create the Residence. Showers and double beds are not new in commercial aviation. I really didn’t think anything was groundbreaking or revolutionary (or not as revolutionary when Emirates announced its showers back in 2008.)
    It can be redeemed for 2 million points but is that even realistic? Etihad Guest miles expire after 2 years regardless of any activity (they expire after 3 years if you’re Etihad Guest gold elite.) Ok I guess it is realistic if you pay full fare first class all the time since you do earn 300% but I’d think even the above average business class traveler can’t earn that many miles in 3 years.
    In regards to premium economy, I’m not surprised. Etihad’s main competitors, Emirates & Qatar Airways, never had a premium economy offering in any of their planes so perhaps that’s a reason Etihad opted to keep it a simple economy/business/first cabin (oh and Residence too.)

  4. Jeff R
    Jeff R at |

    Thank you for including comments on the economy product – so many writers get so wrapped up in drooling over the premium offerings that they never even mention the cabins in which most of us spend most of our actual flying time!

  5. Chris Lacey
    Chris Lacey at |

    Jealous? Haha, so am I. I applaud EY for the rollout. They’ve certainly received quite the media and blogger hype around their new product. Maybe that was the point??? Although showers and beds aren’t new, this combined set of products is. They shouldn’t offer it for redemption. Ever. With exclusivity comes a pricetag, and as you pointed out – private is still more expensive. I give Etihad props for trying a new concept in the world of flat-beds and suites being the standard. Only time will tell if it’s a profitable wager or not. I would be perfectly comfortable in their business class seat based on looks – and the service has been known to be pretty awesome. Compared to Emirates – the obvious competition – I think this is a stand out product and wish them the best. I did enjoy this post quite a bit! Thanks, Seth!

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