Get a 20% rebate on JetBlue TrueBlue award redemptions this week

JetBlue is running a promotion for TrueBlue award redemptions this week (book by 11:59pm EDT 25 July 2014) whereby members will receive a rebate of 20% on the total award cost. The promotion applies for travel between 2 September – 31 October 2014. This is a rebate, not a discount, and the points will not be credited back immediately, but it is a better rate for redeeming points if the rates work for you based on booking this week.


The 20% rebate basically ups the value of the points to nearly two cents each in at least some circumstances (I’m seeing 1.66+ cents/TrueBlue point even without the rebate). That’s a pretty nice valuation.

Per the fine print (and maybe it is just the boiler-plate stuff) the points are credited back 4-6 weeks after the end of the promo period which means you won’t see the points back until mid-December. I suppose think of it as Christmas in July and December all at once?!?

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Seth Miller

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