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  1. Steven Sullivan
    Steven Sullivan at |

    Just curious – on the entrées you said they tested three items with you, but the picture you posted has four entrées in it. What’s the fourth?

  2. Holiday Baker Man
    Holiday Baker Man at |

    Wis that had just surprised us on board rather than mention that they are going to be doing this and it will take up to a year

  3. Brian
    Brian at |

    I see a whole lot of missed opportunity here. Granted, it’s all airplane food, but nothing looks that appetizing, healthy, or flavorful. And with United’s uncanny ability to serve crunchy rice I’m not sure why they’re using it so heavily in the new contemplated entrees.

    The BOB variations are definitely a step-up from the current first offerings, but a cheese and tomato sandwich? That’s not very first class.

  4. Stephan Segraves
    Stephan Segraves at |

    They’ve had a version of that beef short rib in F for a while and it doesn’t sound like they’ve done much to improve it. When the options are the short rib or a cheaper version of Buitoni’s pasta I usually go with the beef. The rice is always crispy and it’s barely edible… I still don’t know why I choose it.

    1. Steven Sullivan
      Steven Sullivan at |

      Stephan, you choose it because the pasta is so awful.

      Oddly, I’ve never had the crispy rice. They must seem to do a better job with the rice out of IAD. I’ve also had the short rib served with maifun noodles, which have always been pretty good, and more flavorful than the rice. I’ve also seen it coming out of IAD and EWR with mashed potatoes as the starchy side item.

      Even though I’m kind of sick of it, the short rib is (sadly) probably the best of the current domestic F dinner options. I can’t gag down any of the pastas ever since the spinach cannelloni once left me wanting to throw it back up a few years ago, and I’m beyond fatigued with the chicken cacciatore. That basically leaves the short rib, since for the past 2.5 years UA has basically alternated between that chicken, the short rib, and a couple of pastas.

      While all this is a step in the right direction, even if it’s far from perfect, what disturbs me is that they ever let it get this bad to begin with, and that it took them so long to decide they needed to fix it. They came into the merger with good, tried and true recipes from both airlines. And yet they threw 99% of those in the trash and came up with garbage that everyone has complained about for going on 30 months now. And they only decided they needed to fix this a few months ago?

  5. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    Nice to see the old Continental Airlines Jambalaya make it back on the menu.

    Too much white rice going on though on all the main courses.

  6. Rami
    Rami at |

    Crunchy rice is very prized in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Rep.
    People actually “toast/burn” the rice on purpose

  7. Lark
    Lark at |

    One important differentiator for UA is the length of flights they will serve means on.

    Do you know how the sandwiches and salads will be catered? (in terms of the number of choices available on each flight)

  8. Chuck
    Chuck at |

    In re the wine, the prosecco sounds good for prosecco. As a recommendation, though: Flew United to LHR recently in business and thoroughly enjoyed the Pouilly-Fume as I was having a very white wine friendly meal. It was delicious (and the pours were frequent, which is always a plus). The Chardonnay was atrocious but I really enjoyed the PF.

  9. DavidB
    DavidB at |

    I recall a sampling of UA’s biz class meals at its ORD training and kitchen development facility a few years back at one of the MegaDos. The entrees were very good, but alas I have yet to see any of them in the air…same with the wines we sampled. Hope the results will be better on these offerings.

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