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  1. James K.
    James K. at |

    I agree with your decision, but it does seem a wee bit odd to make a poll asking what to do and then do something different.

    1. gobluetwo
      gobluetwo at |

      Why? It’s an opinion poll, not an “I’ll do whatever the majority votes” poll.

  2. Sice
    Sice at |

    Great idea for the poll, just to see what others think.

    And any reason to fly into LGB is perfect, the airport was fun before and now is stunning.

  3. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Totally agree with this decision.

  4. Scratches his head
    Scratches his head at |

    So you asked for our input and then disregarded it? I don’t know who’s worse off, all of us that wasted time reading and voting or you? Silly.

    1. gobluetwo
      gobluetwo at |

      No, he followed the input of those of us who suggested it made more sense to sleep in his own bed and try for an upgrade later in the morning. I felt like my input was regarded 😛