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  1. HunnerWoof
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    Beyond just the connectivity is building something that actually works. My last three flights were all equipped with the inflight streaming entertainment. Didn’t work once. All three flights, I received a message saying “Due to bandwidth constraints, this service is not available. Try again later.”

  2. AdamH
    AdamH at |

    This sounds good and all but I mean it is still inexcusable how far behind UA is on this front at this point and in my mind what they are talking about is not revolutionary. VX has had wifi in the cabin for years and has had food/drink orders through their entertainment system. I don’t see anything like that coming to UA anytime soon. AA has figured out a way for EXP passengers to be recognized in Y when they don’t get upgraded. If UA was serious about more personalized service they could have provided it long ago.

    I do think UA has some smart, good people in their ranks and that the timing of the merger didn’t really help on the wifi rollout, but I don’t think they are really thinking out of the box here in ways other airlines are not already a step ahead of them on.

  3. troll
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    “A United Airlines 737 with wifi installed”

    LIES! I have zoomed in to find the tail number. Extracted the date from the metadata. I have found this plane indeed did not have wifi at the time the photo was taken.

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