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  1. Scott Hamilton
    Scott Hamilton at |

    Very well done analysis.

  2. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    i don’t think it will happen, bu a worthy mention would be Easy jet crossing the pond. They operate mastly A320’s and that might appeal to them more as well. Some serious competition for the ULCC’s coming to the US soon! I can feel it!

  3. dan
    dan at |

    Some of these 757 to A321 comparisons seem to be a little faulty in that they are not comparing apple to apple services. These older 757s are often configured with greater pitch than the A321. (presumably the NEO will have a similar layout to the original A321). For example, versus the standard A321, American’s domestic 752 have 2 more inches of pitch in first class and 1-3 more inches of pitch in MCE. These numbers are significant since American has 24 First class seats and 52 MCE seats on the 757. So the A321Neo is getting close to the 757 Pax numbers but is partially doing it by getting in an extra row of seats via reduced pitch in first and MCE.

  4. D.
    D. at |

    @Andrew, from a European perspective, Easy Jet does seem like an option. From an American perspective, if this were going to happen B6 seems like a good candidate. They already fly Airbus products and they have a large operation in Boston. Since even the NeoLR could still have some range limits in with strong winds, Boston is appealing since it is so far Northeast and is not slot controlled like B6’s JFK hub. They could operate flights to smaller/cheaper European airports and then feed those people into their onward traffic from Boston. B6 could potentially do this from JFK instead although the economics there seem somewhat harder since many more destinations already have non-stop service from JFK/EWR and expansion opportunities at JFK are more limited due to space constraints.

  5. Scott Grimmer (MileValue)
    Scott Grimmer (MileValue) at |

    Great post and use of the maps. I learned a lot.

  6. James K.
    James K. at |

    Why did Boeing discontinue the 757? It’s weird watching jetBlue and American order A321s because Boeing essentially gave up the market — any reason they did so? The 739 is obviously not the same. So why give up something they had a competitive advantage in?

    1. airlinegeek
      airlinegeek at |

      Boeing positioned the 737-900 as the successor to the 757 series.