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  1. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    I still find it ironic that the airlines were very supportive of *their* transparency act.

  2. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    Seth, I’m the traveler who just wants the first number. I seldom pay any fees, and if I do it’s usually a late decision not made at time of booking, “Ok, I guess I have more to take along than I thought so I’ll go ahead and check a bag.”

    How does the DOT plan change life for me? I dread the thought that before I can access prices on any given system I have to first fill out a detailed listing of all my credit cards, loyalty programs, statuses and on and on so I can then learn what my airfare plus baggage would cost if I wanted to check a bag, which I don’t. Or can my experience stay the same, and allow those who want that other experience to opt in for it?

    Please clarify how you see this playing out of DOT gets its way.

  3. Andy Shuman
    Andy Shuman at |

    I still can’t believe they had enough balls to use the word “transparency” to describe their ugly concoction!