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  1. Justin
    Justin at |

    As a GM, i don’t see this as slightly negative….With upgrades disappearing fast, this was the only true benefit. I fly about 60k miles a year…Does not seem like that much but I give a lot to DL and I don’t think I am getting much back anymore.

  2. LarryInNYC
    LarryInNYC at |

    You are totally underestimating the importance of airline seat covers. In economy plus it’s –all about– the seat covers. Sure, there are those who are willing to fly six, eight, even ten hours on an inferior seat cover but those are probably the same people who haven’t looked up a bunch of champagne names on-line or people who have $100 luggage.

    That’s why my new blog airlineseatcovers.com keeps you totally informed and up-to-date on seat cover news. Please visit four or five times a day. You don’t have to use the affiliate links but it’s much appreciated if you do — and it will help make sure that important seat cover information is delivered in a timely manner.

  3. Dumammy
    Dumammy at |

    These posts are getting too easy for you. In a couple of months with a few branding name substitutes, you’ve got your United’s “New Product Announcement” already pre written.

  4. Jake from MSP
    Jake from MSP at |

    LarryInNYC is my hero of the day

  5. Steven
    Steven at |

    And that part about “most” planes getting power ports in domestic first isn’t really a huge change either. As far as I can tell, all of the planes in the 717, MD-88, MD-90, 73G, 739ER, and domestic 763 fleets have power in F already; many 738/752/753 aircraft do already and plans have been previously announced to convert the rest, and plans exist for the 319/320 fleet. I’ve also seen power on many of the larger RJs and it seems to be growing there as well, so not much is really left that they weren’t already working on.

  6. CP@YOW
    CP@YOW at |

    It’s funny, Via Rail (Canada’s equivalent to Amtrak) used to call their first class “VIA 1” but a year or two ago they rebranded it as plain old “Business Class”

  7. DL
    DL at |

    “Somehow no longer be associated with the economy class cabin, right?”

    I see the naming as being relevant to the remaining regular economy cabin–it removes the natural suggestion that it’s economy” discomfort” or “minus.” A long-term play, perhaps.

  8. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    My Grandparents had those EXACT seat covers on their brand new Mustang II back in the day… seriously.

  9. Greg
    Greg at |

    So looks like there will be a divider between Comfort and ‘Main Cabin’ (you see it during the video).

    Wonder if this really is a trial run of “can we get yield on domestic with comfort plus” to then get rid of ‘First Class’ altogether. Perhaps the increased capacity can offset some of the yield issues.

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