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  1. Tom
    Tom at |

    Excitement about this from the guy who flew all the JetBlue ROUTES shouldn’t be too surprising. 🙂

  2. Brian Cohen
    Brian Cohen at |

    You like traveling the long way around Antarctica — don’t you, Seth?!?

    Enjoy your trip. I would have liked to have accompanied you…

  3. Nick
    Nick at |

    I wonder if UA will allow routing to AKL via EZE, much like they now allow JNB via GRU?

  4. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    I think this is pretty exciting too actually!

  5. Bill n DC
    Bill n DC at |

    I am actively looking for this routing RTW completely in Southern hemisphere

  6. Nick
    Nick at |

    I assume this is the first twin engine flight across the Southern Pacific/Southern Ocean I know ETOPS 330 lets a 777 fly almost anywhere, but there really isn’t much place to land down there.

  7. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    Cool route — although I tend to agree with you Seth – if I’m that close to Antarctica, I’d like to step foot on it as well.

  8. Joey
    Joey at |

    I thought an antipodal route is from one point on Earth to its opposite side (example is Christchurch, NZ and Coruña, Spain.)
    Nonetheless that is a cool route around Antarctica!

  9. Alan
    Alan at |

    does MH still fly from JNB to brazil?

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  11. The Global Traveller
    The Global Traveller at |

    I should have guessed @Wandering Aramean would have the same thought I had when I saw the new route announced.

    @Brian Cohen it is normal for the flights between Australasia and South America to see Antarctica and also for flights between Sydney and Johannesburg (I’m not sure about Perth to/from Johannesburg). Johannesburg to Sao Paulo is of course too far north. I’ve done these routes SYD-EZE, AKL-SCL, SYD-JNB, JNB-GRU. I never got to fly Aerolineas Argentinas when it did EZE-AKL-SYD; but I have flown the other leg of the southern RTW (GRU-EZE) albeit on BA.

    @Alan no MH dropped JNB, CPT and EZE from their network a few years ago.

    1. Brian Cohen
      Brian Cohen at |

      …but I do not want to just see Antarctica; and I ideally do not want to just step foot on it — I want to at least spend overnight at the South Pole.

      It can be rather expensive, though, about which I wrote in a recent article:


  12. The Global Traveller
    The Global Traveller at |

    Forgot to add – depending on dates & schedule I will try for the inaugural flight(s). I’ve been on quite a few of Air NZ’s inaugural flights (as well as many on other airlines). Sometimes they are great and other times meh.

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