Art and the Mexico City Metro system

Wrapping up my recent trip to Mexico City meant heading back to the airport and I was a bit excited to try the Metro service option. In prior trips I’ve only ever taken taxis but I’m generally a big fan of mass transit to airports and I like to support it when I can. It also usually means seeing a much more local side of the culture. And it is nearly always cheap. I like that, too.

And so, a couple hours prior to my flight departure, I walked over to the local Metro station and headed underground. I was almost immediately surprised by what I saw.

mexico-city-metro-art (2)

The murals in the station are simply incredible. I still don’t entirely understand them, but the very first one I saw was incredibly vibrant and engaging.

mexico-city-metro-art (4)

A bit later in the trip I needed to change train lines (the trip involved two transfers, from the 7 to the 1 to the 5). Putting aside the part where I got lost underground for a bit I was mostly happy with the situation as it also meant seeing more murals. This one was much more subdued in colors but still quite impressive.

mexico-city-metro-art (5)

And then, just over an hour after leaving the W Hotel Mexico City (which, incidentally, I do not recommend if sharing a room with someone you do not have intimate relations with), I exited at the Airport.

mexico-city-metro-art (6)mexico-city-metro-art (1)

OK, so it was a 5 minute walk from the Metro station to Terminal 1. If you’re flying out of Terminal 2 there is a shuttle train between the two which adds a bit to the total travel time. But for only 5 pesos – less than USD$0.50 – it is hard to beat. Especially when you add in the value add of getting a bit of a museum experience along the way.

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