A few updates to the Avios Award Price Map

Response to my new Avios Award Price Map was stronger than I expected; glad y’all are enjoying the new tool. Of course, not all the response was 100% positive. A few folks pointed out glaring issues with the UI/UX and features they’d like to see. So here are some updates to the site.

Airport Picker

First up is the ability to pick an airport via a text box/type-down list rather than only by clicking on the icons. Hard to believe I missed that the first time around, but such is life.


There’s also an option to “start over” which will take you back to the main page with all the airports listed and an option to “Go Mobile” which will take you to a version of the UI without the map on it.

Mobile View

For those on mobile devices or who just want the text list of the airports without the map click on the “Go Mobile” link and you’ll be redirected to a version of the site which only shows that information. If you want a printed list of all the destinations available from a particular airport along with the Avios required in text, not just based on the icon colors, this view should work for that as well. And there is no requirement that you be on a mobile device to use it; the “mobile” view will render on a desktop if you click the link. The Airport Picker text box is still there as well. And when you’re ready to switch back to the full map view just click the Show Map link and you’re all set.


Let me know if there are any other features or additions you want to see and I’ll do what I can to integrate them into the site.

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