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  1. Joey
    Joey at |

    I’ve lived in NYC for 14.5 years (15 this coming summer!) Of all the airports, I love LGA since it’s the only aiport I can use my unlimited MTA ticket to so I don’t have to spend extra $$$ (JFK airtrain costs $5 and EWR is… well, in another state!) 😉

  2. Kathy (Will Run For Miles)
    Kathy (Will Run For Miles) at |

    I totally agree with you, Seth. LGA is my airport of choice. When traveling from home, I either go the M60 bus route from 125th Street, or I spring for a taxi (which only costs about $30 from the Upper East Side). When traveling from work, I go the Q70 route – which is fabulous. Unless the Airtrain could make the commute so much faster or easier or it could provide direct transportation to JFK, I don’t really see the use for it.

  3. Ted S.
    Ted S. at |

    I’d love to see them extend NQ service from Ditmars Blvd directly to the terminals, or have an AirTrain run from Astoria Blvd down the Grand Central Parkway right of way.

  4. Jake Redman
    Jake Redman at |

    I’m with Ted S. My LGA routine has always been N/Q to Astoria and either the bus or car from there. It’d be great to have an extension or something to the terminals from there.

  5. Mike
    Mike at |

    Agree with Seth and the posters above – it’s a dumb idea and bad use of resources. If one insists on going via the highway rights of way – then there’s an argument for a route from LGA to Jamaica Station to connect with the LIRR (main lines) to Penn Station and as a bonus a 2 seat ride to JFK from LGA. That would be the next least bad idea.

    Ted and Jake are right – extending from the N train at Astoria Blvd is the most logical and prompt way to move folks into Manhattan via rail (if unfortunately a 2 seat ride).

  6. Kathy (Will Run For Miles)
    Kathy (Will Run For Miles) at |

    extending the N or Q is an awesome idea!

  7. carl
    carl at |

    Sure would be nicer if the N/Q could be extended from Astoria to LGA. It’s not quite as good as E/F, but it could possibly be a single seat to the airport

  8. thewhitezone
    thewhitezone at |

    When I moved to NYC 18 yrs ago my first apt was off the N/Q Ditmars stop. I still remember virtually every store window with its NO TRAIN TO THE PLANE placards. There’s entrenched NIMBYism in that corner of the City. It’s a political as well as as practical impossibility to extend the N/Q to LGA.

    As for Cuomo’s new plan, that’s not industrial areas he’s proposing to run the AirTrain through. It’s through a Park. That’s all Flushing Meadows land, including a waterfront esplanade, a marina and a banquet hall. (Of course, the city and state have never met a proposal they didn’t like when it comes to giving away bits of that park to private interests, so who knows.)

    Like all other Cuomo schemes, it’s a great idea, except for all the ways in which it completely sucks.

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