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  1. MichaelP
    MichaelP at |

    This is awesome! Been using awardmapper.com but they are missing some hotels.

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  3. MichaelP
    MichaelP at |

    It’s mapping to the middle of the island, likely in the wrong location.

    When I clicked on ‘Enough Points?’ all the hotels disappear from the list, perhaps add a tip.

  4. MichaelP
    MichaelP at |

    Would like to see
    – cpp on cash and points option

    Does cpp take into account that some paid with points does not charge tax but paid with cash does? I take taxes and resort fee paid on cash with paid into account when I do my own cpp.

  5. Kai
    Kai at |

    I love it that you are cranking out all these tools. Are you a developer?

  6. MartinW
    MartinW at |

    Love Hotel Hustle and the enhanced Avios apps, but I can’t get Hotel Hustle to recognize my Hilton HHonors balance with the “Got Points” function. I’ve linked all 3 sources, and the other chains balances are coming through, but NOT HH?

  7. stvr
    stvr at |

    Club Carlson is broken. Super bummer. Looking at WAW in May.

  8. Rupert
    Rupert at |

    Hey Seth, great tool. I used AwardMapper before, but HotelHustle is much more helpful. By showing the points value, I can look for a “good” redemption that’s exceeds my minimum redemption value!
    The new functionality with the link to AwardWallet is not working for me: As soon as I link the account, any new search will “hang” and the type-ahead feature in the destination box will not even deliver target destinations. As soon as I delink my AwardWallet account, it’s fine again. Maybe an issue with the account synchronization?
    Thanks for coming up with these tools – love it! Keep it up!

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