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  1. Lack
    Lack at |

    LH lowest bucket “K” is still missing (it’s in for LX though).
    The L and T coming right after it used to earn 100% on long haul routes + feeders, it’s def a downgrade even if you can get some miles for intra European flights.

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  3. Levy Flight
    Levy Flight at |

    Strangely, this is very freeing. It’s a bit like when we sold a company. After day and night caring about performance and cash flow, all of sudden, we no longer had a significant stake in the outcome.
    Hugely freeing to explore other ideas, which led to now growth. Now , this gives a chance to focus less on UA and select most rewarding path. Let’s see where it goes. Whould be nice to get a good payout from UA though as a transition 🙂

  4. carl
    carl at |

    TG V and W earn zero? Do they use these codes differently than UA?