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  1. Michael
    Michael at |

    Me! Please send it to me!

  2. JohnB
    JohnB at |

    Sure I would love to have it. I never get to go on these types of flights.

  3. Raymond
    Raymond at |

    From the picture, it looks like someone with fairly broad shoulders would bump into the paneling both in the seat and bed mode. Is it just an optical illusion? I agree, it does look like it tapers at the top. The wing photo is very nice. It could be a photo op for a movie.

  4. Gretchen
    Gretchen at |

    I would like to have it Seth! 😉 Thank you!

  5. SC
    SC at |

    I want it, please?

  6. Thezipper
    Thezipper at |

    Raises his hand!
    Good review… Will look for the IFE review!

  7. paul
    paul at |

    Pet peeve is too narrow lie flat business seats when reclined. Very disappointed-again

  8. Kris
    Kris at |

    I’d be more than happy to take the goodie bag off your hand.

  9. Geoff
    Geoff at |

    Would love the gift bag Seth Currently sitting in ORD and just watched it land, a beauty! Will be on her in a couple hours but couldn’t get out of work for the inaugural…at least I get on it on day 1!

  10. Leo
    Leo at |

    I would love to get that extra bag. Don’t think I have chances to fly on these type of flights.

  11. Ben Granucci
    Ben Granucci at |

    I always like goodies, especially of the airline variety.

  12. Lani
    Lani at |

    Yes please! I would use it on my coach trip to Paris, and pretend I’m in front!!

  13. Maureen
    Maureen at |

    Thanks for the detailed review & that wing pic is fantastic!

  14. mowogo
    mowogo at |

    Always need goodies, especially since I lost most of my airline goodies a few years ago

  15. DebbieT
    DebbieT at |

    You know, in the previous article mentioning the new business class seats, the photos didn’t look like they were quite as narrow as the photo in this post show – optical illusion, or did they feel weirdly narrow when you tried them? Thanks for thinking of your readers with the avswag…… sweet!

  16. GringoLoco
    GringoLoco at |


    Love #avswag

  17. Brittain
    Brittain at |

    I would love a goodie bag!

  18. Kelly
    Kelly at |

    It would be great! This girl loves goodies!

  19. Heather
    Heather at |

    Would love a goodie bag! I’m excited to also read your review of the IFE.

  20. James
    James at |

    That is very generous of you to share with other AV geeks. Thanks Seth!

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