United ExpertMode+ gets new features

Just another day trying to make the new United Airlines website work a bit better for advanced users. Today’s effort is focused on two new features related to fare class information.

First up is the easy one: The browser extension will now prompt you to log in properly to the site if you’re not logged in when running a search. Because the expert mode information only renders if you’re logged in and also because the United site has a “partial” logged in state I figure that this prompt will help avoid some support requests about why the data isn’t rendering. As part of this change I’ve also updated the code to stop trying to render the award/upgrade inventory buckets when you’re not logged in. Previously this was still happening in the background, creating a nasty loop which degraded browser performance. That shouldn’t happen going forward.


The second improvement came based on a post from FlyerTalk where someone mentioned that the booking inventory class no longer shows up in the “normal” view of the search results. I hadn’t noticed that in the past but I did as soon as I read that post. So now the ExpertMode+ browser extension will also render that information


For multi-segment trips it shows the different fare classes for each of the segments.


As always, if you’re not running the latest version of the tool (v7.3.1) you’re encouraged to download it, either from the Chrome Store or the direct link.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Seth — I am getting an endless loop, with Chrome displaying the same row of fare bucket counts over and over. Never displays the fare classes as described above (eg, (U U U) ).

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