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  1. John
    John at |

    Well, Seth, you make some good points, but a respected former CEO of Continental, who knows both Smisek and Munoz said that he felt that the New Jersey issues were mainly political. Gordon Bethune, who like his successor Larry Kellner were admired by many, says that the UA Board was fatigued with the issues and wanted a fresh start. So unlikely criminal issues, but clearly, big changes at the very top of the organization. Let’s hope that Munoz has the people and management skills to bring back the vibe when Bethune and Kellner ran the airline.

  2. Adam
    Adam at |

    Even if there’s more to the story, I’d disagree that bribery alone isn’t enough to get him fired. Given the amount of dislike for US carriers at the moment, and the overall distaste for the flying experience by the general public – due also to TSA’s gross incompetence – United has several black-eyes already, and a federal indictment is the last thing they need with satisfaction at all-time lows. He clearly wasn’t adored by either employees or customers, but I would hardly imply that bribery of a government official is some sort of Red Herring.

  3. Geoff
    Geoff at |

    Seth, a single flight from a hub to another smaller town is nothing. Using it solely as an obvious bribe for a public figure is most certainly not.
    To me, that alone is more than enough t get anyone canned, especially in the litigious days in which we live.
    And if not, then the sheer stupidity of cratering the flight just days after it was no longer “needed” should be enough to send Smisek et al packing.

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  5. Chuck G
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    Seth, you and I have met Jeff (and Larry ) several times. Even with one strike against him (because he’s a lawyer) I always got the feeling that Jeff made decisions with COnited’s best interests at heart. The art of the deal. Look at Trump. If Jeff had to give a little out of the left pocket to get more for UA in the right pocket, he’D do it, in the best interests of UA. A good deal, for the stockholders, should not be illegal, for UA.

    Bye, Jeff.

    Too bad. And good luck to Munoz with the union contracts. There are many under-employed workers out there that would like to have FA or pilot jobs with their salary and benefits.