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  1. Delta Comfort Plus gets a Curtain
    Delta Comfort Plus gets a Curtain at |

    […] passengers). And that add-on has generated a lot of revenue for the company lately. Delta recently reported a 42% increase year-over-year in revenue from Comfort Plus seat sales. I doubt that adding the divider/curtain is going to make that number increase in any material way […]

  2. Does JetBlue have too much cash?? - Wandering Aramean

    […] is not alone in this challenge. Delta has had record profits for several quarters now (Delta’s Big Profits and Shopping Plans) and is also discussing ways to spend some of that cash on new planes and other product changes. […]

  3. Delta's ComfortPlus Play: Almost Premium Economy - Wandering Aramean

    […] Read More: Delta’s Big Profits and Shopping Plans […]