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  1. Gary Leff
    Gary Leff at |

    What’s new this week is changes to elite, not earn and burn, AA already announced back in November going to revenue-based for flights in the second half the year, all that’s new there is the date-certain of August 1.

    Elite is changing. None of it surprising or creating, but minimum spend for status + 75k tier and new formula for prioritizing upgrades, these last 2 have the effect of substantially reducing the value of lifetime status (certainly consistent with AA’s direction, what have you spent lately?).

    And elite programs definitely were NOT the same in the time frame you’re talking about. DL/CO/NW with complimentary unlimited upgrades, UA then moved in that direction, AA followed for top tier only. DL had a top tier at 75k, which even came with lounge membersihp. UA did SWUs with minimum fare requirement (although midway through 2003 offered no minimum fare ‘sweet spot’ certificates). AA was top tier upgrades on any fare, and in fact a dozen years ago if you used those domestically they confirmed into revenue inventory [domestically, outside of the premium transcons, AA has long made most of the cabin confirmable upgrade space].

    There are still modest differences in the program. First, I described the changes. Then I offered my own followup thoughts. Then I offered a post working through my own thinking about whether it would push me somewhere else, and the changes don’t. So snark all you like, I share my thoughts on my blog… often as they come to me. 🙂

  2. George
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    You jelly bro?

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  4. Scott
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    This is the most relevant post re: AAdvantage program change I’ve read for the past few days.

  5. ken
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    I am just curious how the doj is thinking about these three. To me all similar not just ffp but everything else. And it seems to me that they have some market power now. Maybe I am wrong. In the end I think Aa lost its edge over delta except some geographical dominance and alliance advantages but isn’t that also leaving to some sort of monopoly power in certain markets?

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  7. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    I dunno – AA’s change is boring in that there is little innovation. But, its also meaningful, in that the last of the big four have made it clear that they will be revenue based earning (unsurprising), and to the extent of the big 3 (leaving Southwest out for obvious reasons), if you want status, you have to show them the money. The key point that I take away from the changes, is status. Would AA not have moved that way, have prevented smaller airlines not to? no. Is this a signal that AS will move in this direction? I wouldn’t make that assumption either (although I see no reason why not). But, really, AA was the penultimate bastion for mileage runners (despite our dwindling numbers), and that’s kind’ve a big deal, considering the true remaining bastion now, at least in the US, has a significantly smaller route network.

    Worth shouting from the roof tops? perhaps not. But, maybe worth a moment of silence, as mostly the end of an era. Perhaps though, that, is even to hyperbolic.

  8. Payforit
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    Seth as usual you are the voice of reason.