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  1. Rodeo
    Rodeo at |

    1st thoughts:
    1 Trump’s Yemen raid now “valid”
    2 Covert Muslim ban
    3 Protectionist angle achieved

  2. Rodeo
    Rodeo at |

    4 If longterm ME3 cancel Boeing ordrs
    5 Boeing sales plunge & cut jobs
    6 Global tit4tat protectionism & econ. slump take hold

  3. DK
    DK at |

    Forcing passengers on 50 flts/day to check laptops/tablets is going to ‘destroy the global economy’ – give me a break!

  4. Rodeo
    Rodeo at |

    Also UK is in strange times 2. Right wing politics taking hold & no legitimate opposition party. Things may not be as they seem.

  5. Andy
    Andy at |

    Trump is making a mockery and a disgrace of your country. And most of you do NOTHING about it. Sad!

  6. JohnB
    JohnB at |

    To me, this seems like a covert effort to shift Americans off the ME3. This could have a huge negative impact on Boeing, and positive impact on Airbus. As as the UK going along, well BA has been highly affected by the ME3.

    1. Corey
      Corey at |

      And it affects flights on British Airways itself – I’ve personally taken the IST-LHR flight

  7. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    I think it’s a little early to determine what all the facts are for this. It’s actually a no win situation for the USA or UK government. There must be some sort of Intel that is prompting this even if this is just an opportunity to take advantage of it. So let’s say that nothing was done about the threat and an aircraft gets blown up. We would find out later that we had information and should have acted on it. On the other hand we put a ban in place and nothing happens. It just opens up more biased criticism. Bottom line to me is that the ban could have a major financial impact but then again so would a terrorist attack. Remember the stock market the first day it opened after 9-11?
    Imagine that the USA obtains Intel that there is an imminent threat. We run this up the chain and rush to put this ban in place. We then would share this with our allies like the UK who would then react to protect themselves as well. The timeline is in place. We’ll really know more on this if other countries like say Canada, France, etc. also move to ban them. Like this story relates http://globalnews.ca/news/3324422/electronics-travel-ban-canada-cellphone-laptop-tablet/
    Again this is a no win situation for anyone. The terrorist may be thwarted by these actions but they still win on the terror part, causing us to be afraid.
    I’m going to find out more next week as I travel to Turkey and Israel over the next few weeks. I mostly afraid of taking my laptop and then running into expanded issues on the way back forcing me to check a bag and to check it with my laptop inside.

  8. Mdtravel
    Mdtravel at |

    All for it. Giddy up.

  9. NB
    NB at |

    I suspect that the threat is real but, for the US, is being embellished for protectionist purposes.

    But the reality is that the erratic, but very public, nature of the US approach to permitting brown-skinned tourists is doing far more damage to tourism, and the strident calls for protectionism is doing far more damage to US exporting business.

  10. Chris
    Chris at |

    So baldfaced, with AUH (precleared) on the list. So they don’t trust American customs agents either?

  11. Hadley V. Baxendale
    Hadley V. Baxendale at |
    1. Jon
      Jon at |

      I’m glad to see you’re flooding the blogs with this post Hadley 🙂

  12. Hadley V. Baxendale
    Hadley V. Baxendale at |

    Well, it is clear what water cooler you are drinking from — a senior military officer testified that the raid uncovered very useful intelligence, and this is probably part of the haul.

    However, since you are close-minded, it matters not what one writes about, even though, your hero, Schiff, endorsed the ban — unless you are going to get up and scream at him during one of his townhalls because he is not a pure enough leftist for your tastes.

  13. Hadley V. Baxendale
    Hadley V. Baxendale at |

    By the way, the Daily Beast is a left of center news site, but apparently not far enough left to entertain your conspiracy theories.

  14. Hadley V. Baxendale
    Hadley V. Baxendale at |

    I’ll give you credit for at least keeping my comments posted — most of your compatriots will not brook any sort of criticism.

    1. Truth
      Truth at |

      Hey Hadley,

      I guess my thought process is: that if the current POTUS and his administration didn’t have a really long, documented history of embellishing, distorting, and (just soooo many times) absolutely lying about facts then I’d be more likely to take them all more seriously. As it is, that sordid history taints literally everything they say, leak, or report. Kinda like during Nixon’s administration, where at some point we all as a country just quit believing anything he said.

      It really has nothing to do with whether I’m right, left, or whatever. The current POTUS’ history of lying before, during, and after the election has predictable repercussions. That the POTUS didn’t think of this repercussion as he was lying right and left about provable things is another reason many Americans see him as unfit for the office.

      I’ll bet you know which kid’s story I’m thinking about!

      1. Hadley V. Baxendale
        Hadley V. Baxendale at |

        Must be that story about the attack on the USA’s Libyan embassy being prompted by an ex-pat Egyptian Copt’s video criticizing the founder of Islam as opposed to being a very real terrorist attack made with no such provocation other than the USA representing a different values system — say one not rooted in the Middle Ages??

        Yeah, that POTUS sent his UN Ambassador out to blatantly lie about that one on many Sunday talk shows, as well as his Secretary of State doing the same.

        The upshot to those fabrications, you may ask?

        That POTUS elevated his then UN Ambassador to be his National Security Advisor, and the other individual became the Democrat party’s standard bearer.

        Therefore, do not start throwing about issues concerning the distortion of facts unless you are prepared to receive like incoming fire — parry vs. parry = Touche!

  15. LH
    LH at |

    US drive for force global trade to exclude US in growth. AUS already considering ditching US for China. US thinks it is the pretty girl and ball does not realize is the fat guy no one wants to dance with.

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  17. jamesb2147
    jamesb2147 at |

    Suddenly IFE just got a lot more interesting.

    When I’m traveling with only my backpack, am I screwed?

  18. Michael
    Michael at |

    The text of this article does nothing to justify the headline.

  19. James Kasey
    James Kasey at |

    You really should not quote Linda Sarsour , a well known anti-Semite, unless you share her sickening views.