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  1. Brad Mixner
    Brad Mixner at |

    Easier to sell it to the labor groups when it’s a different brand?

  2. Seth Kaplan
    Seth Kaplan at |

    Seth, I agree with you. Another way to think of it: They are going to invest a lot of money creating and supporting a brand for people who supposedly care about price (i.e., not brand) above all else, and then everyone will just be confused. (One of my favorite moments on a UA “Ted” flight was when a customer a couple rows in front of me asked a FA: “What exactly IS Ted?” The FA’s answer: “We don’t know either.”) IB did it right with Iberia Express – yes, I know that’s just shorthaul, but my point is that they got the cost savings they wanted and then didn’t waste money creating a new brand (and a bunch of confusion). If I were AF, I would now say to the pilots: “Okay, thank you. Now actually, we are about to spend €100 million (or whatever) creating and supporting this separate brand. What if we split the difference with you and give you back €50 million – we just call it Air France, and everybody wins.”

  3. Michael J. Graven
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