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  1. Simon DG
    Simon DG at |

    They can. Most likely they will take over the wet lease arrrangement from OS serving ZRH-LUG and ZRH-NUE.Adria already has one aircraft flying for LX a CRJ900 this summer.

  2. Brad Mixner
    Brad Mixner at |

    Bring back FlyBaboo!

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    […] Etihad shutters Swiss branding, cashes out on Darwin – Wandering Aramean Finally, Etihad has made a tangible change to shrink its partner equity strategy. Etihad Regional is no more. Adria Airways from Slovenia has oddly bought the old Darwin and is having the name revert back. If Etihad is smart, it will start extracting itself from other ill-thought out investments as well. […]

  4. Oliver Majumdar
    Oliver Majumdar at |

    JP does a lot of wetlease flying for a number of European carriers.

  5. Lucian
    Lucian at |

    I hope Darwin will do BZO-FCO again. This route was stopped when Etihad came in.