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  1. Seth Miller
    Seth Miller at |


    US is beginning evacuation of non-essential embassy personnel. That is never a good sign.

  2. Jake Berman
    Jake Berman at |

    Out of curiosity, do you see a mass airline exodus from Venezuela in the near future? Or is this just part of a slow bleed?

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      The airlines are basically done at this point (Air France also recently skipped a few flights and might be cutting more). There are not many ways for people to come or go, especially as the flights remaining won’t sell tickets in Venezuela or accept the local currency because they know they’ll never get that money out.

      TAP is the only European carrier flying in today. Some days there are a couple flights (Iberia, Air Europa, Turkish via Havana) and some days there are none. Copa and TAME still fly in from other South/Central American airports. American, SBA and a couple other random occasional charters also show up from the USA. There are only 40-50 daily flights at Caracas Airport even scheduled and most are by local operators, not foreign carriers.

      I’m pretty surprised the government has managed to hold on as long as it has so my expectations of collapse are probably overly aggressive. But the airlines are pretty much done there. I don’t see that changing without a regime shift.

  3. Jessica Coane
    Jessica Coane at |

    Militza Machuca Franco bearer of bad news…

    1. Militza Machuca Franco
      Militza Machuca Franco at |

      Soon I’ll have to take the bus to Caracas 🙁

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