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  1. Joshua Sauberman
    Joshua Sauberman at |

    I already think the cost of Gogo’s service is ridiculously high. If they raise it any more then they’ll price themselves into bankruptcy.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      The main difference here is that the 2Ku solution was pricing at $9.95/flight for a while. Much cheaper than the legacy solution and way better service. Now there are a bunch of reports that the 2Ku prices have come back up towards the old numbers. It works way better, of course, so it might be worth the cost. But it still is pricey.

    2. Joshua Sauberman
      Joshua Sauberman at |

      I think I may have experienced 2Ku a handful of times, and whilst the service is great, I don’t think they can justify the exorbitant onboard prices that they currently charge legacy users. $34,95 is what one can expect to pay for five hours of service aboard American. It’s a number that wouldn’t get me to sign on if I were the infrequent traveller, and if I were a business traveller, then the monthly pass would make much more sense. Of course, with business conditions remaining stagnant, just who is Gogo expecting to pay the one-time fees?

  2. Lars
    Lars at |

    I am leaning more towards 2020 vs 2019 on the promise coming through. I suspect remainder of new deals are equally less (if not worse) profitable than ones signed recently

  3. V.Sharma
    V.Sharma at |

    Wonder if there are any reports that show correlation between take rates and pricing.

  4. David Conklin
    David Conklin at |

    I’m thankful my corporate IT gave me iPass which now includes all inflight wifi flat rate. Selling more subscriptions can generate more revenue.

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