Joon is . . . Alive!

Are you ready to fly on Joon? The new Air France subsidiary will launch flights on December 1st, with service to four destinations within Europe. Long-haul service launches in Summer 2018. The initial destinations target leisure and LCC markets on the Continent. Launch pricing on the initial routes is available for purchases through 15 October.

  • Barcelona (Spain): 51 weekly flights
  • Berlin (Germany): 37 weekly flights
  • Lisbon (Portugal): 28 weekly flights
  • Porto (Portugal): 3 weekly flights

Beyond the new routes and the launch pricing there is not a ton changing as far as passengers are concerned. The company is talking up the new “experience” on board and it is new; some good and some bad.

Pretty marketing stuff from Joon; much less about Millennials.
Pretty marketing stuff from Joon; much less about Millennials.

Joon is a fashion brand, a rooftop bar, an entertainment channel, a personal assistant … and Joon does flying too!

The new SkyLights VR headset that Joon business class passengers will have access to.
The new SkyLights VR headset that Joon business class passengers will have access to.

(Yes, they really wrote that; yes, it is ridiculous.)

In some cases the new experience is very much the same. The cheapest fares exclude a checked bag today or on Joon. Inflight entertainment gets an upgrade on Joon, with streaming media systems coming on board and even access to the SkyLghts VR headsets in business class. Passengers will also have USB ports to charge devices.

Other changes will be less ideal for passengers. Catering switches to a mostly buy-on-board model in economy. Even with the marketing spin that’s a hard one to call a win.

Joon will delight its customers’ taste buds with around sixty tasty treats, 20 percent of which are organic, sold on board by the crew. Enjoy a cold drink, a few appetizers, a high-energy fruit juice, fill up with vitamins or share a snack on board a flight in Europe.

In addition, Joon offers a choice of drinks free of charge at all times of the day: water, orange juice, organic Segafredo coffee and tea.

(Yes, they also really wrote that; yes, it is also ridiculous.)

Other bits, like a new paint job and new FA uniforms are hard to see as mattering all that much either way.

And, while the new routes can stand alone in many cases, a huge part of the Joon operation is about providing connecting flow through to other Air France flights. The new set of rules means different experiences across the connections. In many ways that’s just catching up to the competition; still it does mean potential confusion for passengers.

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And, while the original marketing for Joon was all about attracting the millennial market the latest iteration drops most of that language. Which makes sense given that was never really what it was all about.

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