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  1. Henry Harteveldt
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  2. Seth Miller
    Seth Miller at |

    I cannot come up with a better way to describe the thing. It is a bunch of mismatched parts bolted together in a marvel of modern engineering. I love that it works. And also that I’ll probably never fly on it again.

  3. robert crowder
    robert crowder at |

    The trip is rather typical for the chinese travel industry, and has made demonstrable progress since the middle 1980’s. Progress continues
    in the aviation field as all other areas I have seen. After 125 trips to china since then, commercial aviation continues to be one of the best travel options in china, along with the fast train.

  4. Scott Mayerowitz
    Scott Mayerowitz at |

    30,000th passenger … hmmm. While we can’t disprove your claim to fame, we can’t prove it either. I’ll grudgingly give the title to you.

    1. Henry Harteveldt
      Henry Harteveldt at |

      The fact Seth survived flying on the Frankenplane means he can claim whatever milestone he wants.

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  6. Raymond Kwan
    Raymond Kwan at |

    Great write-up!

  7. Gil Gredinger
    Gil Gredinger at |

    Great write up as well! One question I have, is what troubles did you have trying to buy the ticket for the flight? You didn’t really go into detail on how you acquired the ticket.

    1. Seth Miller
      Seth Miller at |

      Unable to shop on the airline’s site due to language issues. And even when OAG showed the plane in the timetable it wasn’t always showing inventory for sale in various OTA channels. It isn’t loaded into the schedule much more than 30 days out and even when it is finding the tickets is a challenge.

    2. Jim Pirigyi
      Jim Pirigyi at |

      I didn’t even remember being able to book on their site. I always booked my Chinese trips on Ctrip.

  8. Mike Holovacs
    Mike Holovacs at |

    It’s shocking that a Chinese inhouse design would greatly resemble American designs…it’s like they’re not known to be thieves or something.

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