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  1. achalk
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    “That means higher fares or more fees for things like advance seat assignments, checked bags and more. ”

    Actually not . They are unbundling things from a standard coach fare that were previously not available separately. It used to be that, when you boarded carrying nothing more than a spare thong, and I boarded with a massively heavy bag, you paid for my bag (shout out to you for your magnificence!). Now, I pay for my own bag.
    As a result, you pay less if you go Basic Economy.

  2. DaveS
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    It’s a price increase. You get the choice of either paying more for the same services, or of paying the same for fewer services. They have introduced a product so undesirable that people will pay more to avoid it. It’s marketing film flam around a price increase. Now with the expansion of the scam to the global market, there’s even more reason to fly international carriers instead.