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  1. Waylo
    Waylo at |

    What about my 10000 mah battery pack? Is a ban on that next?

  2. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    I never understood why this wasnt the first design issue solved by such companies. Most frequent travelers know you shouldn’t put such batteries in the cargo hold. This was quickly pointed out ages ago in passing on Dots Lines and Destinations, Layovers and many other postcasts and bloggers.

  3. Les McLaren
    Les McLaren at |

    It’s a non issue or should be. It does not take a genius to design a simple push in push out slot for the battery pack! These are not big or heavy batteries and can easily be slipped into a brief case etc.

  4. George
    George at |

    @waylo- that’s bigger than the battery in an Away smart luggage (37 whr) so yeah, you should not be checking in that battery pack. Should be OK to bring on a carryon- I think the regulation is up to 100 whr, which would be 37,000 mah, at the typical 3.7V…

    I do think it’s kinda stupid they have one rule for smart luggage (presumably because it’s easy for them to spot) but no restriction on checking Waylo’s 10000 mah battery pack, which poses exactly the same risk…