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  1. Les McLaren
    Les McLaren at |

    As a life long marketeer I always wonder how those involved in airline marketing get away so often with treating their customers as morons.
    No doubt they think airline customers have zero intelligence which probably says more about the marketing people than the customers.
    Adding incomprehensible conditions to what have been simple bonus schemes will just increase footfall to the LCC’s where at least you know everything is going to cost you and there is going to be no bonus.

  2. Lack
    Lack at |

    For your cartel examples, it’s worth pointing out that unlike UA MP, M&M won’t track (yet) revenue for LH&Co flights on different ticket stock. So you can buy LH tickets for mostly the same price on United.com and then credit it to M&M under the old system (given the 016 stock).

  3. Lack
    Lack at |

    The scenarios are mostly for higher booking classes from discount destinations. Like the recent Swiss specials in A – from 325% (with bonus) earning that yielded over 30k miles for TATL trips going down to 15k miles for example (based on a 2500E fare).

    And those high earning fares were the only highlight of the program I think.