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  1. Karen Johnson
    Karen Johnson at |

    You can put me down as one Carlsbad resident who really, really wants commercial service to resume out of Carlsbad.

  2. Casandra Tompkins
    Casandra Tompkins at |

    One of the worse problems in Carlsbad is our traffic. While the Robinson Ranch develpment of several hundred homes was being built on El Camino near Kelly Dr the traffic, roads and therefore, car damage, got much worse. There were many delays.

    Soon there will be over 250 homes built across the street at Marja Acres where The Country Store & Bobby’s Hideaway have been for a very long time. Currently being built is Uptown Bressi (to include retail & over 200 apartments) between Palomar Airport Rd and Gateway (near Trader Joes).

    How many cars will this transfer to Carlsbad city streets from all parts of San Diego & maybe even Orange and Riverside County by increasing commercial flights out of McClellan-Palomar Airport Rd.?

    Who will pay for the damaged roads? Who will pay for the damaged suspensions on our cars due to the additional potholes on our surface streets?

  3. LosAngeles
    LosAngeles at |

    The RJ7 is a 69-seat aircraft. The RJ9 and E175 are 76-seat aircraft. Alaska’s subsidiary Horizon would, no doubt, be operating the DASH8 (BQ4) out of Carlsbad, which Is a 76-seat aircraft.