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  1. WR
    WR at |

    I might be in BKK at the time but I can think of many other things there I’d rather blow $600 on! I just hope that nobody attends the Rapid Rewards speaker’s talk about making loyalty programs revenue based.

  2. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    I agree. My 10 to 20 Hilton nights per year just dropped to 0 to 2 (when forced by meetings). Sad.

  3. Noah
    Noah at |

    A loyalty program has to mean different things to different customers. Some want free nights for leisure travel, others want once-in-a-lifetime luxury trips, others just want free breakfast / upgrades. Likewise, a company has to decide if they want to increase the number of times a customer does business with them, the dollar value of that business, and whether that is “growing the pie” or “taking a bigger slice” of the traveller’s spending. Partner or coalition loyalty has a place to earn marginal business, but it can be fickle as the choice isn’t about the provider, but about the provider’s partner. As hotels consolidate, it is easier to focus on extracting more from best customers (avoiding hitting elite at multple chains) than trying to fight for unaligned customers.

  4. NB
    NB at |

    I used to book directly with Hilton for my 6-12 nights a year. Now I’ll simply use Hotels.com. They don’t care about losing me and I’m happy to get rid of their program.