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  1. Joe
    Joe at |

    Consider how many times over the years Gogo sold you a product when they knew it was inferior because there were already too many passengers on your flight who had signed up for the service. Now, why would you ever use there service gain?

  2. Michael
    Michael at |

    That was a snarky answer Seth. Not like you. I come to your website and read all your email updates to get informed, not snarked at. Please don’t suddenly change course on me/us. You are my choice to be well informed. Or at least I thought so. Joe’s point was 1000% valid to me. Gogo is a crap shoot. And I therefore hate them. It should be as upfront as when you can know in advance if there is wifi aboard. And maybe I missed it, but how do I know when I get on the plane with good vs poor wifi? And sometimes it’s old equipment and few users and it works out. But if not, I fall behind on work and spend time wishing it was workable internet. I fly to NZ on AA, 13 hours, pay $19 and get great wifi. It makes no sense.