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  1. Kush Patel
    Kush Patel at |

    I feel like I always have these 2 problems on flights with 110 ports:

    1) the charger never stays plugged in. It’s like the outlet itself doesn’t grip the prongs on my charger and never stays in or will fall with the slightest touch.

    2) I feel like when I use my Anker 2.1 Amp charger, it randomly turns off mid flight (even when it actually stays plugged in). My initial thought on this was that it drew too much power and some internal regulator turned it off.

    Not sure if these are design flaws and known issues or just poor maintenance.

  2. Bob
    Bob at |

    Perhaps the customer preference for the 110 outlet derives from a sense that this delivers more charge more quickly to the device. Whether this sense has any validity is unknown to me.

  3. Chuck
    Chuck at |

    I’m one of those people who isn’t convinced just having a single device on board is sufficient. My laptop is for Getting Things Done — *only*. If I’m in entertainment mode, it’s phone, tablet, Kindle, etc. The latter charge just fine on USB, and a MacBook Air on full charge has more than enough juice to cover my working hours on even the longest flight. If the tradeoff for making USB as widely available as possible is giving up the full AC plug, count me in!