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  1. Lea
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    Interesting as I had been considering booking PE for 3-4 hours flights between Europe and KEF. But the pricing was ridiculous: sub-$300 fares for basic economy, $375 for regular economy but nearly $1200 fares for PE. If I was going to do that I’d have bought Business outright as it was only $120 more than PE. We ended up buying economy and are just hoping the middle seat stays empty.

  2. EndlosLuft
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    I really don’t understand this airline. It’s neither a LCC nor is a mainline type airline and that hurts them.

    They for example have a great connection between Tampa and Berlin with minimal connection time and modern aircrafts. They frequently come up on Google Flights but there problem is they essentially have no premium products. As you said their hard production isn’t premium at all (seat width and space between seats) and the exact same thing applies to their Business class. You just can’t compete with a major carrier if you don’t have proper lie flat seats.

    For the uninformed you might fly Icelandair exactly once if you are willing to spend a bit more for your ticket but you won’t do it again when you discover that it’s essentially a fake premium economy or a fake business class in comparison to what real carriers offer. From WOW I have no such expectations. People generally know that any claim of a premium product is not to be taken seriously. They have really interesting routes and if they offered a decent hard product I’m sure their premium economy and business class would actually sell.

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