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  1. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    I am mixed on this… There should be different service flows for different markets.

    I also would appreciate a dine on demand concept. I could care less about dinner on east coast-Europe flight but I’d appreciate a better breakfast offering prior to arrival rather than a one tray affair.

    I always feel like the service on US/EU carriers are forced. Flight attendants come around asking us for our meal and drink choice before departure then 80% of the cabin feel like they need to order something meaning those who want to sleep just can’t as the lights are fully lit and there is a ton of foot traffic/banging/noise since they are serving the majority of the cabin. Would service be more balanced/spread out with a dine on demand concept?

    I don’t know – I have a bunch of QR J flights coming up this year with varying departure times and lengths (including late night 5 hour redeye) so I suppose I can sample this service concept and see how it compares.

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  3. D.A.
    D.A. at |

    More of Scott’s “service enhancements” to come. He listens to flight attendants and does whatever it takes to make their lives easier, but does not seek input as to what the paying customers might actually want. This 1K’r still goes out of my way to avoid UA internationally, even if I can be in Polaris

  4. TimR
    TimR at |

    Wow. The actual changes may be perfectly fine. But the rollout and announcement are so full of horse dung it’s stunning. As you point out, they only have ONE lounge. So feedback from the lounge experience is at best preliminary. On the various UA groups I track all the status flyers are whining (appropriately) about the inconsistent Polaris product (which seats are you getting, which items are on board, will the staff give a crap or not…) Then the fact that the Subscription United Club product has been damaged for over a year because of the stupidly long construction projects… Wow. What a ‘United’ move.

  5. Carl T
    Carl T at |

    Amazing, not even a second Polaris lounge open; slow movement on new seats; cutting back soft product. Something bigger is at play at United; something that isn’t public, obviously. I feared that with a ‘big three’ U.S. carrier that they would go full retard and become ‘in your face’ regarding customer service. United’s recent, as over just one year, behavior down the line proves this. Mercifully there are choices for international long haul and UA is certainly going to lose out. Sad. Whatever happened to the wonder weapon of Oskar Munoz, the train guy. Guess his model at heart is Amtrak. Can’t make this stuff up. Sad.

  6. Christian
    Christian at |

    “Customer feedback” is the reason for these changes? Really? So the customers just said “No, no. We don’t want better food and drink choices, more quality lounges and better amenities”. What a crock. At least if you’re going to lie, try to make it somewhat believable. Using that same logic, replacing the bonuses with the lottery was due to employee feedback.

    1. D.A.
      D.A. at |

      @Christian “spot on”! I know a whole bunch of other 1K and GS’rs, none of us were ever asked to give them any “customer feedback”.

    2. Mike L
      Mike L at |

      Reminds me of the hotels that insist they started charging mandatory resort fees because guests were “demanding” them. I don’t know one person ever in the entirety of the universe that has every said, “Charge my room a mandatory $40 extra per night for shitty internet, use of a fitness room and local calls!”.

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  9. Nobleoz
    Nobleoz at |

    Excuse my ignorance (I am 1K) but what is a “branded cart cover”?

  10. John
    John at |

    Wow! How can you cut back on a service which is not yet being delivered in all markets or on all flights? I have yet to experience the full Polaris experience that was promised too, too long ago.