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  1. Keith Murray
    Keith Murray at |

    Boo, Hiss. Never flew those Alaska/Virgin routes. But friends did. And enjoyed them!

  2. Tonei
    Tonei at |

    Will they still have operations at DAL, or will they shift everything to DFW?

    DCA also has AS 737 flights to LAX, PDX, and 2x SEA.

  3. Guy
    Guy at |

    @Tonei Alaska is switching to the Virgin A320s for the DCA to LAX route as of June

  4. Neil
    Neil at |

    I’m surprised they were allowed to lease out the DAL slots to Southwest given the combination of WN’s total dominance of the airport and Delta’s aggressive push for more slots at the airport. Without any sort of detailed analysis, I would imagine that giving vacated slots to DL would have done more to promote competition (although not necessarily consumer choice if WN uses them for net new destinations).