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  1. brteacher
    brteacher at |

    Does this really hurt the NMA plans? Wouldn’t AA just likely shift some orders to that plane if/when it happens? Don’t you think that Boeing and AA likely discussed just such an eventuality?

  2. Glen Towler
    Glen Towler at |

    I can’t see many airlines waiting until the NMA is ready for service. I bet it will be late just like the 787. Airbus and their A321 or A330 seems a better bet than waiting for NMA. I also don’t think Airbus will play a long and build a aircraft to compete directly it is too late now.

  3. Carl
    Carl at |

    UA’s wide body fleet seems a mess in comparison
    763, 764
    772s of multiple style, 77W. Have they ordered 77X?
    788, 789, 787-10
    Seems like unnecessary overlaps