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  1. henry LAX
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    this is an airline that consistently (if you bother to take raja’s words at face value) can’t deliver profitable long-hauls out of ORD (sans a handful of rare examples like LHR) and they wondered why no one came to their rescue when they wanted to raise a stink against the gate situation for ORD’s expansion

  2. 02nz
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    The ORD-PEK route likely was dropped because of competition with United (which has a bigger hub at O’Hare) as well as the lack of a partner to provide feed in Beijing. AA’s China partner, China Southern, has its biggest presence in Guangzhou, way to the south (and thus inefficient for connections between North America and most Chinese cities).

  3. Maxwell
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    Seth it’s a little bit more than that.
    True, competition with UA has been ongoing for years, but United does better to PEK because of their star alliance partner, Air China which has it’s biggest hub in PEK. AA has nothing like that.
    United has more gates and flights in ORD which is a huge advantage.
    Also United has been in China since 1987 and in Asia those long term relationships matter. So United has much better success.
    Another thing is United since United has been in PEK so long and AA is a newcomer, United has some great slot times for all their PEK flights. Their ORD-PEK flight arrives at 3:15pm
    AA has horrible slot times. AA arrives in PEK at 8:20pm. UA gets in 5 hours 5 minutes earlier and leaves the same day. AA has to keep their plane overnight which means it’s not making money.

    So AA has stated that when the new Beijing airport opens they’ll have better success because AA will get a much better time slot and since China Southern will have “Home carrier” status at the new Beijing airport they’ll have more flights and more connecting opportunities. A Beijing airport partner and a better slot time would really help AA close the gap with UA.

  4. Golfingboy
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    I am curious about your opinion on this topic… Looking at the macro level, what do you think of AA’s TPAC/TATL route network in terms of ease of connectivity and cohesiveness?

    I did ask this question on VTFW and I might have commented my opinion here at one point but curious to hear your thoughts before I start armchairing πŸ˜‰ In my defense, its out of passion!

    I suspect a large part of the challenge AA faces on yields has to do with how their oceanic network (ex LATAM) is structured.

  5. JohnB
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    High time that non-stop to HNL came back. I can drive to ORD and don’t want to fly UA. It was a bad move to end the non-stop to HNL. Hawaii airfares are quite high right now. Higher than $700. Only monkey wrench could be the new Southwest flights.

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