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  1. Ben
    Ben at |

    They have 70 seats solely due to being at the maximum number of 76 seat aircraft allowed in the pilot scope clause. It’s also why some of their EMB175s (marked with SC) have only 70 seats. It has zero to do with passenger comfort.

  2. Carl
    Carl at |

    Unless they have added a second lav, this aircraft is a miserable experience for flights that last more than about 2 hours. 70 pax, 2 pilots, and 2 FA’s competing for a single lav is miserably on longer flights.

  3. Bob
    Bob at |

    The famous “Canadian Torture Tube” gets another life. These are the most uncomfortable aircraft nowadays flying in any numbers and “Atmosphere” looks to be mostly putting lipstick on the pig.

    That does not change the fact that if you fly Delta, it i difficult to book away from them completely. I have one of their worst routes, Newark to Minny, coming up and for that three hour deal, I simply was forced to stretch out and buy the first class seat. At least seat 1C is close enough to the lav for convenient access but not exposed to the slamming door and other negatives generated there.

  4. u600213
    u600213 at |

    CRJ200,700,900 are all nightmares. Unless the fusilogue is larger diameter, the seating and headroom will still suck. And need a forward lav. I would have preferred that they buy some nice gently used E170 or 175 and fix them up.

  5. Bob
    Bob at |

    Actually the CR9s do have a forward lav. The other CTTs do not. That what prompted my comment above about seat 1C.

  6. Tom
    Tom at |

    The CRJ 900 is the best aircraft in its class. The CRJ 700 and the 200’s are garbage and needs to be retired & replaced! You must have at least 2 lavatories on any aircraft flying 1 hour flights or longer! The 900 accommodates this very well. I can’t wait to see the CS 100’s next year!