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  1. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Any idea of when this starts? I have a trip to Australia coming up that needs to be booked and Fiji airways is the cheapest by a long shot…and I’d only book them if I can earn AA EQM/EQD and it sounds like based on this new connect program it’ll happen eventually

  2. USBusinessTraveller
    USBusinessTraveller at |

    How different is this to the Star Alliance Connecting Partners program, which is already up and running albeit with just one partner (Juneyao)? And, come to think of it, with Oneworld’s lack of presence in China (notwithstanding CX/KA) it would make sense to sign up a connecting partner in the PRC. There are plenty of regional carriers there, including LCCs. That might tempt a European carrier (say BA) to start or resume flights to western China.

  3. mido
    mido at |

    is not yet