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  1. Michael
    Michael at |

    I hope they don’t move to revenue. I have a foot in AA and a foot in Alaska on loyalty and elite status. But if they move to revenue I will have to drop out of using them much. Their footprint is too small for longer and international trips. Take this dilemma. I have a work trip ending in Indy and a flight home the next day with a connection in Seattle. It’s a late day flight, and there is one flight a day. And a storm predicted, the kind that will certainly delay and maybe cancel that fight. I call and ask for a switch to the flight a day earlier. I am told that with my status I can only ask for an earlier flight the same day. I tell the woman that Alaska does not have any. No options. I drive by the bloody airport, run in, they make the change. They know what I know, and they will be rebooking and rescheduling like crazy, and the flight a day earlier has space. So from now on it’s AA for my work flights to the midwest, despite my wish to use Alaska more and more. But move to revenue? No longer an airline to aim for.

  2. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    I’d be happy if they would just change the mixed cabin long haul award search feature. I’m so tired of seeing that little seat “L” icon I could scream. Sure I want to burn a billion points on the long haul partner award to Asia or Europe so that I can sit in the back on the long haul part.