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  1. Glen Towler
    Glen Towler at |

    Having to pay Pax 600 Euros per head will soon eat into their profit margins. I bet they are hoping that the 787 can be returned to service very soon or is this a long term lease the A380 ?

  2. baccarat_guy
    baccarat_guy at |

    But, with regard to the EU261 claims; is this a Hi Fly or DY problem? Seems it might be DY since they chose to fly to JFK and JFK has the gate issues (which I’m sure DY was made aware of). At first glance, I just figured it would all fall on Hi Fly; but now I’m not so sure. (by that, I meant that DY would try to mitigate the damage/costs by charging some of that off to Hi Fly)

  3. Bob
    Bob at |

    Humm. It does not seem to be easy to run a long-haul low cost carrier or a lease carrier for long-haul services.
    It may not be easier for the legacy carriers too.

  4. Dave
    Dave at |

    Seth minor detail but BA does operate the 380 into Logan a few days a week on BA212. I believe it’s Sun, Mon & Fri. Other days are on 744. 🙂

  5. Rrapynot
    Rrapynot at |

    Maybe Rolls-Royce is on the hook? I had a horrific delay on DY a few years ago and they denied EU261 on the grounds that the delay was due to “mechanical issues” but gave me €600 regardless. When the money was wired to me it was from Boeing in Dublin.

  6. Arcanum
    Arcanum at |

    Apparently Norwegian is denying the EU261 claims. They’re saying the delays are ultimately due to the Rolls Royce engine checks required on their 787s. This constitutes exceptional circumstances beyond the airline’s control, hence no compensation is required.