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  1. Casey
    Casey at |

    This will add to the confusion at the boarding gate! This is almost as bad as the 100,000.00 employee lottery!

    Q. Why can’t we sit together? A. Well, we have seats reserved for people with disabilities, the unlucky premiers that did get their free UG, the age restriction on exit rows, and now – 65% of the remaining economy seats are now reserved for UCP. Just wait until your name is called and we’ll be able to figure out what is remaining and maybe just maybe we can get you a seat that flushes.

  2. Ziggy
    Ziggy at |

    I get it, but this seat selecting craziness is beyond absurd.
    More genuflecting to the shareholders.

    1. Howard Miller
      Howard Miller at |

      Well put @Ziggy! So well put!

      Spot on – exactly.

      Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s a slimeball greed grab made by a company in an industry that is now enjoying an unprecedented, and increasingly toxic, desperate lack of competition (aka cartel, oligopoly, etc.) and knows it can pretty much get away with an unprecedented degree of sleaze, dishonesty, greed and arrogance as it has every reason to believe policymakers (all of whom enjoy a degree of freedom from any of the noxious effects most experience having been bought off through exemptions from the fare terms and conditions the rest of us face, and yet still are guaranteed the best possible fares and the best possible seats, etc.) will do nothing to reign in the most egregious abuses and excesses unless and until flyers finally grow a pair, say enough is enough, and demand that these abuses and consumer fraud be put to a stop.

      These despicable and shady pricing practices are nothing more than outright deceptive and fraudulent, and likely would be prosecuted in many states but for the exemption from state consumer protection regulatory bodies facilitated by the Federal government, of which a great many of our corrupt legislators are in back pockets of our cartelized airlines.

      Sooner or later (and hopefully sooner) the pendulum will swing back towards sanity (as it inevitably will – if we survive this degree of next level stupid, of course) from our current orgy of stupidity, greed, selfishness, and arrogance.

      Perhaps then, we will also elect responsible legislators and enlightened policy makers who will take a dim view of oligopolies, and will then vigorously police/enforce consumer protection regulations and anti-trust policies that history has shown are absolutely indespensible when industries exhibit such an intense degree of arrogance and oligopolistic behavior and attitudes as most of our airlines, especially United and American, now do.

      1. Mehmet Bekir Birden
        Mehmet Bekir Birden at |

        KLM is doing exactly the same! This is so frustrating! Me and my wife were flying with our one year old baby. They were constantly pushing me for a wider seat by constant messages. Finally I thought it will be better for the baby and gave it a try, only to learn we can only change one seat because one of us is fixed with baby! We were almost be seated seperate because how they implemented the program!

    2. Irene Almeida
      Irene Almeida at |

      Soon BASIC travelers will have to purchase a slot in cargo and enter a lottery for an upgrade to the cabin. Good news: cargo is BYOB.

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  4. Manuel
    Manuel at |

    I don’t know how the government does no intervene in what airlines are pushing to the consumer. It shall be real minimum std for traveling, pretty soon airlines are going to sale the toilets as regular seating lower price with the condition that during the fly they have to be in and out for others passengers to use. How far ‘‘tis will go? I believe pretty soon this will be a monopoly because all the airlines (mainly the 4 big ones are in bed together.

  5. M Wight
    M Wight at |

    United sucks!

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  7. Charles Milne
    Charles Milne at |

    I want to know why when we fly within Europe (country to country) the price of tickets and seats are so much cheaper than flying in and around the United States. Why does this occur?

  8. Ray Sharradh
    Ray Sharradh at |

    And all of this is why I sit my butt in any seat I want with Southwest Airlines, and my free checked bag is in the belly.

  9. Jack R.
    Jack R. at |

    When I stop doing all my business travel I really doubt I am going to fly anymore except maybe southwest. Fortunately UAL 1K so I don’t have to deal with all the petty crap they are doing.

  10. Elizabeth Cockrell
    Elizabeth Cockrell at |

    Very true it is petty crap. Just charge one price for the service business/coach. These constant changes are even more incentive not to be loyal to United or any other airline. I am simply fed up with the constant changes and charges when trying to book a flight for business travel. It is clear to me that United only values the travelers who consistently travel in first class. Unfortunately my company policy doesn’t allow us to book business class or 1st. These charges make business travel quite onerous and hardly worth the hassles.

  11. Stephen Fusilier
    Stephen Fusilier at |

    It is this craziness of airline companies trying to squeeze every penny form the poor traveler that drives me away from airlines like United and American. I would rather stand in the herd at Southwest and get a good seat with out having to pay out of my pocket (my company will not pay the extra fee – if something does not come with the basic ticket price I have to pay the extra out of my pocket.) Even though my organization buys hundreds of millions of dollars in airfare a year I am still usually put in a middle seat or window and United wants extra dollars from me if I want to get an isle seat.

  12. Eric Wallace
    Eric Wallace at |

    This is why I choose not to fly on United. United treats their consumer customers like trash. Therefore I vote with my dollars and choose those airlines that value my business and loyalty.

  13. Edgar Numrich
    Edgar Numrich at |

    Are they still charging more and putting you in the back of the plane if you’re black??

  14. Bill
    Bill at |

    Just another reason to bypass United when selecting carriers. They used to be my preferred carrier (2 Million Miles) but with all of their internal BS and poor customer service, I rarely fly them these days.

  15. Fern
    Fern at |

    United has finally lost maybe the rest of their remaining customers. First abuse of onboard customers having to dragged off flights then the dog shipped to Asia now the money grab seating policies. Southwest Airlines wins !

  16. Chuck
    Chuck at |

    Well, this makes my decision easy. I’ll use my United points on “free” travel until they’re gone. Then I’ll begin using either Southwest or Alaska. The Alaska and Southwest people truly appreciate my business. The United people, ogres with one eye in the middle of their foreheads, don’t. Goodbye and good riddance, “Unfriendly Skies”