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  1. Stogieguy7
    Stogieguy7 at |

    Judging from these changes, Jet Blue shows little desire to avert their focus from being an East Coast-centric airline with little presence elsewhere.

  2. Mateo
    Mateo at |

    Jetblue is trapped. Delta wants them out of BOS & JFK. So they have to fight hard to keep FLL and use whatever strengths they have in BOS. Jetblue’s costs are rising fast as all employee groups want higher wages, wages which Jetblue cannot afford. So they have to make major changes and eliminate loss leaders and make higher profits.
    In 2001 Jetblue had very low costs and a product that no other competitor had. And their competitors were small and weak. Now after all of these super mergers: AA/US, DL/NW, UA/CO, AS/VX & WN/FL. These competitors are huge and fierce competitors and Jetblue has to do something drastic.

  3. John Ham
    John Ham at |

    JetBlue dropping FLL to PIT, BWI, DTW, STX (via SJU and not FLL) sounds nice for Spirit though they won’t be happy with the GYE addition. Those in PIT still have Southwest and Spirit as well as those in LBE (Latrobe/East Pittsburgh) still has Spirit.

    1. Eugene
      Eugene at |

      Totally! But i can see JetBlue leaving GYE market fairly quickly as well. Unless they figure out how to funnel traffic through FLL, which spirit will not let them with lower prices

  4. Rami
    Rami at |

    I would love for a SFO-LAS. It is dominated by Southwest and United. They used to in the recent past.

  5. Rami
    Rami at |

    It makes it harder and harder to give some business to Jetblue when you live in Northern California

  6. Eugene
    Eugene at |

    It’s not cool to say that but i hope Someone buys JetBlue. They’re done: they aren’t making money trying to compete with spirit, especially in FLL, their planes constantly out of service, and oil prices are going up… more cuts? Let’s see how long these new routes will last…